Custom work

Please leave a message below for custom requests. A custom request could be anything; your voice, your favourite song, the voice of a family member of yours...

All paintings are made on MDF panels and are available in two sizes: 10cm x 15cm and 18cm x 24cm.


  • 10cm x 15cm panel € 75,-
  • 10cm x 15cm panel + print (A5 - A3) € 100,-
  • 18cm x 24cm panel € 125,-
  • 18cm x 24cm panel + print (A5 - SRA3) € 150,-

Please note: if you’re requesting your own voice to be painted, please leave your phone number. I will request either a voice memo over whatsapp, or to arrange a call, so I can listen to your voice in order to paint it.
Custom orders can take up to a week to paint. You will receive updates via the mail.

Other commissions, such as cover art for a song or album, buying one of the original artworks from the print shop, or any commercial work can also be requested here.

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