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bongo bong by manu chao - cover

this is a little cover I made, from the comfort of my own bedroom. the original is bongo bong, by manu chao. i tried my best to be a little monkey.

connect [an end assignment]

In 2020, as an end assignment for my first year at the conservatory I made an interdisciplinary work. Inspired by my synesthesia and my thoughts about loneliness and connection, I made a 15 minute video supporting music I wrote. The music was also separately released as an EP on Spotify.


In 2020, as an assignment for the conservatory, I made a song about feeling overwhelmed. Back then it wasn't such a conscious thing but it very much explores the feeling of being locked in, being overwhelmed by the amount of nothingness, stillness, the lack of connection. This song, alongside three others, later ended up in my end assignment and on Spotify.

Paint/Movement/Sound by DEIRDRE

In december 2020 I participated in a wonderful project by a dear friend of mine, Deirdre. An improvisation based on paint, movement and sound, in which I performed alongside six other musicians and performers.

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